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Documentation: Functions list of Div GO : Div Games Online v2.00.0

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13 functions (Div / Div 2 / Div GO):

avg(array);see example
[returns the weighted average of the array values]
[returns empty array value, clear array of data]
explode(variable, delimiter character);see example
[returns an array with the values delimited by the character string, making each element of the array has a fragment of the string]
implode(array, unifying character);
[returns a string with the array elements together by the unifying character]
pop(variable);see example
[returns array with 1 less element at the end]
push(variable, value);see example
[returns array with 1 element inserted at the end]
shift(variable);see example
[returns array with 1 element less from the start]
sizeof(variable);see example
[returns the number of elements contained in the variable]
sort(variable, mode);
- mode:
0 for ascending order (from lowest to highest)
1 for descending order (from highest to lowest)
2 for random disorder.
splice(variable, initial position, number of elements);
[returns an array with elements removed from a given position]
sum(array);see example
[returns the sum of all values in the array]
unique(variable);see example
[returns the values of a filter array without duplicate values]
unshift(variable, value);see example
[returns array with 1 element inserted at the start]