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Documentation: Functions list of Div GO : Div Games Online v2.02.0

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13 original functions (Div / Div 2):

calculate(calculating text);see example
[returns a numeric value of a text and the result of the values ​​written as a calculator, ex: "((120+30)*2)/5"]
char(value or text);see example
[returns a unicode value if you put a character in quotes or returns a character if you put your unicode value]
lower(char or text);see example
[returns lowercase text]
sizeof(variable);see example
[returns the number of elements contained in the variable]
strcat(text destination, source text);
[returns concatenated text]
strchr(text, character);
[seek one or more characters within text, it returns the position of the first character found]
strcmp(text 1, text 2);
[compares two texts and returns 0 if both are identical]
strcpy(text destination, source text);
[source text copy on destination text]
strdel(text, start position, final position);
[returns the text starting at the start position and cutting by the final position, eliminated what it may have before and after in the original text]
[returns the value of the length of characters that there is in the text, counting also blank spaces]
strset(text, character);
[returns the first position of the text sought]
strstr(string, search string);
[returns the first position of the search string]
upper(char or text);see example
[returns uppercase texts]