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Documentation: Functions list of Div GO : Div Games Online v1.44.0

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15 new functions (Div GO):

fullscreen_scale(rescale);see example
get_browser(browser / os variable);see example
- browser / os variable:
b_width // width of the browser
b_height // height of the browser
b_os_width // width screen of the o.s.
b_os_height // height screen of the o.s.
b_name // name of the browser
b_os_name // name of the o.s.
b_language // browser language
b_joy_connect // true or false if joy or pad is connected
b_pad_connect // true or false if joy or pad is connected
b_name_joy // name of joy / pad
b_name_pad // name of joy / pad
is_fullscreen();see example
key_in(keyboard code);see example
key_out(keyboard code);see example
[shows information per console]
screen_color(background color);see example
- color: hexadecimal or rgb(red, green, blue);
screen_scanline(percentage, type);see example
- percentage: 0 (default) disables scanline; 100 is shown in greater darkness
- type: 0 horizontal line; 1 vertical line; 2 grid
- boolean: TRUE active blur, FALSE disables
set_author(page author);
set_color(background color);
- color: hexadecimal o rgb(red, green, blue);
set_description(page description);
set_icon(file path);
set_visible_mouse(boolean);see example
- boolean: display or hide the mouse system; TRUE is the default value
set_vpad(boolean, alpha);see example
-boolean: TRUE turns on the virtual pad, FALSE turns it off
-alpha: 0 to 100 for opacity, with 100 being the most opaque value