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[ version history ]

news v2.02.0: (26/05/2024)

  - set_background(), delete_point(), clear_points();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new example games: Bricks Breaker and Helio Ball
  - [FIX] fixed construction of structs
  - [FIX] solved problem with declaration of several arrays separated by comma
  - [FIX] switch case breaks when it has multiple conditions inside
  - [FIX] compiler error due to lack of parentheses in processes and functions without parameters
  - [CHANGE] internal change of type of variables and functions
  - [CHANGE] changed the typing in the built game code

news v2.00.0: (23/03/2024)

  - rand_seed(), avg(), sum(), screen_transparent();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] modularization of all internal js code
  - [ADD] packaging now separates the resulting game code to a js file
  - [ADD] packaging option to download only the resulting game code
  - [ADD] performance improvement of the signal() function
  - [ADD] added optional quality parameter in screen_smooth() function
  - [ADD] new logo for divgo version 2
  - [FIX] corrected the operation of signal() with son variable
  - [FIX] signal() now works with process id obtained with get_id() or id returned from a call
  - [FIX] fixed problem with process cloning
  - [FIX] correction in ide loading when images have been moved from the fpg editor
  - [FIX] corrected problem in signal() function with inheritance in grandchildren, great-grandchildren, ...
  - [CHANGE] changed prototypes for classes in process objects, primitives, write...
  - [CHANGE] improvement in program performance, now it seems to work better with a greater number of processes
  - [CHANGE] change in resource paths, to have better file organization
  - [CHANGE] renamed the routes in the examples so you have the new ones
  - [CHANGE] extracted list of processes from the main loop of the program to the ide
  - [DEL] removed the last eval() that was in the code
  - [DEL] some parts of code to maintain compatibility with internet explorer

news v1.56.2: (24/12/2023)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] tilemap editor when expanding the number of rows and creating new
  - [FIX] binary operator "&" between two variables do not interpret it as offset
  - [CHANGE] image data from uint8array to uint8clampedarray

news v1.56.0: (10/12/2023)

struct tilt:
  - alpha, beta, gamma, absolute;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] hexadecimal marking in code editor
  - [ADD] added willreadfrequently attribute in canvas that do continuous getimagedata() operations
  - [FIX] validation of numeric type values
  - [FIX] removal of left zeros without affecting floats
  - [FIX] fixed problem when image is smaller than 1x1 pixel in graphic editor
  - [FIX] input() did not save or return encapsulated variables correctly
  - [FIX] clear_screen() function did not clear the graphics painted on the screen
  - [FIX] fixed problems with polytone(), get_real_point() and get_point() functions
  - [CHANGE] management of draw and xdraw avoiding constant search of the identifier
  - [CHANGE] change of tilt variables to alpha, beta, gamma and added new absolute variable
  - [CHANGE] asynchronous loading of tilemap and fonts, both in project and ide
  - [DEL] javascript attributes and methods that have changed or become obsolete

news v1.54.0: (25/08/2023)

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] more example games and tutorials in the menu: Oh Mummy! by MikeDX, Galax and Puzzle
  - [FIX] program generator with "repeat ... until" loop if another "repeat ... until" exists inside the loop
  - [FIX] encapsulated variables like stroke_size in write_in_map() or mouse in collision functions
  - [FIX] restart of variables when restarting application from ide service button
  - [FIX] some style problems in the ide
  - [CHANGE] inner workings of set_mode()

news v1.52.4: (14/05/2023)

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] service buttons more accessible in the ide: restart and pause/play
  - [FIX] mouse (x, y) variable compatibility in firefox browser
  - [FIX] declaration of private variables from the parameters of a process that were previously declared as global
  - [FIX] fixed problem in program analyzer when refreshing next frame

news v1.52.0: (23/04/2023)

  - _pause, _apostrophe, _backslash, _c_enter, _alt_gr;
  - _l_control, _r_control, _l_shift, _r_shift, _contextmenu, _os, _l_os, _r_os;

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new keyboard system, previous was deprecated, and key constants changed and added
  - [FIX] various compiler fixes to catch bugs
  - [FIX] in program generator with "for" and "from" loops inside "switch" blocks
  - [FIX] fixed various issues in draw() primitives and improved performance
  - [FIX] fixed some crash issues in ide when loading fnt font formats
  - [FIX] problem in modplay functions to pause and continue playback
  - [CHANGE] encapsulated global variables and constants inside divgo to avoid problems with javascript ones

news v1.50.0: (19/11/2022)

  - start_socket(), set_socket(), stop_socket();
  - push(), unshift(), pop(), shift(), splice();

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new functions to modify arrays
  - [ADD] name change of socket functions
  - [ADD] new dark theme Night
  - [FIX] socket functions, before it did not work correctly and blocked the program
  - [FIX] packaging of fnt format fonts created from the Div GO editor

news v1.48.2: (27/06/2022)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] fixed crash loading local fonts fnt format caused by new font editor
  - [FIX] compiler problem converting two dimensional tables when there is a variable with brackets inside
  - [CHANGE] new optional image data saving parameter for functions: map_put(), map_put_pixel(), map_xput() and map_block_copy()

news v1.48.0: (23/06/2022)

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new fnt font editor with color change, gradient, border and line options
  - [ADD] option to create and edit fonts from fonts viewer
  - [ADD] option to export fonts fnt format compatible with bennugd
  - [ADD] due to the size of the fonts generated on save, they are saved locally using the indexeddb api
  - [CHANGE] the break_back_scroll() function now returns the backscroll value
  - [CHANGE] inner workings of map_put_pixel() function for small performance improvement

news v1.46.0: (23/05/2022)

  - break_back_scroll();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] function to create multiple scroll planes in the background
  - [ADD] option in graph editor to export to map and png formats
  - [ADD] included OskarG's game Sokoban in the list of examples
  - [FIX] internal workings so that map_get_pixel() does not slow down
  - [FIX] problem with reading fpg.dat if there was any space more
  - [CHANGE] structure of examples to show more and organized by topics
  - [CHANGE] new version of electron, now compatible with graphics and tile editors

news v1.44.0: (27/12/2021)

  - fix(), regex();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] support for flags in tiles from the tilemap editor
  - [ADD] messages and error handling produced by javascript when loading and not blocking the page
  - [FIX] don't anti-aliasing in draw functions when screen_smooth is false
  - [FIX] shapes (circles and lines) without anti-aliasing in graphic editor
  - [FIX] fixed central or middle scroll displacement
  - [FIX] function map_get_pixel() so that it does not cache the image
  - [FIX] blur effect of regions so that it does not show the edges of the region
  - [FIX] problem when saving changes in image size from the editor
  - [CHANGE] math functions to return decimal value

news v1.42.0: (18/11/2021)

  - set_vpad();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] improved and optimized the graphical editor, now faster when working with large maps
  - [ADD] two new drawing options in the graphical editor and more range for size
  - [ADD] added zoom option in tilemap editor
  - [ADD] tilemap delete options
  - [FIX] fixed blur effect on scroll so that the borders of the region are not shown
  - [FIX] code tabs bug blocking initial ide loading
  - [CHANGE] the language system that makes it more optimal for the compiler and the ide

news v1.40.5: (16/07/2021)

  - change_tilemap(), change_tile_value();
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] problem with special characters inside the comment
  - [FIX] map_put(), map_put_pixel() and map_xput() functions with the use of new_map()
  - [FIX] compiler bug report, now more accurate
  - [FIX] tilemap editor when opening a map resets the scroll position of the panel

news v1.40.0: (22/06/2021)

  - new_tilemap(), get_tile(), set_tile();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] scroll with tilemap support
  - [ADD] tilemap editor with export, save and packaging options
  - [ADD] save and exit without saving options in editors
  - [ADD] fog effect with set_fog() applies to processes inside mode7 and scene3d
  - [FIX] correction in scroll so that it does not crash if the graphic does not exist
  - [FIX] fixed problem with from when declaring variable
  - [FIX] various problems in the graphic editor, especially when resizing the graphic
  - [FIX] solved problem in the alpha value of draw() and xdraw()
  - [FIX] adjusted return value in fget_angle()
  - [DEL] removed minimap from code editor due to lousy performance as code grows

news v1.38.2: (10/03/2021)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] declaration of giant 2-dimensional tables that clones the value of the similar x position
  - [FIX] problem that generates multiple tabs in the first load of the ide from different project folders

news v1.38.0: (19/02/2021)

  - min(), max();
  - _use_c_arrays;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] export images to png format from the graphic editor
  - [ADD] new constant for compilation options: _use_c_arrays
  - [ADD] auto-generation of fpg from the ide starting from the first image loaded and without the need to create a folder and an fpg.dat
  - [FIX] corrected the detection of a logical operator "and" or "or" in the closing or opening of a condition
  - [FIX] issue loading of fpg created from ide
  - [CHANGE] code optimization and change of some functionalities to es6 standards
  - [CHANGE] (25/02/2021) space for giant 2-dimensional tables: table[2000, 2000];

news v1.36.5: (24/12/2020)

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] optimized resource loading so as not to reload the same resource previously loaded
  - [FIX] undefined value control caused by gamepads of few button
  - [FIX] graphics flickering when reloading a resource that had been downloaded
  - [FIX] resource loading control to avoid null url loading

news v1.36.1: (15/12/2020)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] problem with loading of fnt fonts causing crash in program execution

news v1.36.0: (02/12/2020)

  - clear();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new optional parameters in collision_box() and collision_circle()
  - [ADD] collision system optimization and new debug mode for collision_box() and collision_circle()
  - [FIX] Fixed a minor problem in collision()
  - [FIX] draw_stamp() and xdraw_stamp() functions did not stamp on the background all the draw() and xdraw() shown in the frame
  - [FIX] texture_in_map() did not move the texture well within the map nor was it positioned in the center of the graph
  - [FIX] fixed issue with loading resources when making the call within global or private
  - [CHANGE] primitive painting position to +0.5 on the canvas, which removes the anti-aliasing line
  - [CHANGE] also in the position to remove anti-aliasing line in the progress bar of the loading block

news v1.34.2: (31/10/2020)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] problems with process id variable
  - [FIX] compilation failures in structs containing structs with tables

news v1.34.0: (25/10/2020)

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] virtual gamepad for touchscreen devices
  - [ADD] new code minimap in the ide
  - [FIX] background plane scroll lock
  - [FIX] character space in fnt format
  - [FIX] fpg.dat now correctly changes the position of a moved or deleted graphic
  - [FIX] problem with tabs if you have divgo projects in different folders
  - [FIX] one line comments with more than one slash attached to a value, variable or reserved word
  - [CHANGE] fpg.dat are no longer written when compiling, only when packaging project
  - [CHANGE] load_sound() function now has 2 new repeat parameters
  - [UPDATE] program analyzer, now includes process filter data

news v1.32.0: (06/09/2020)

  - polytone(), pause_song(), continue_song();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] Web Audio Api and changed the entire audio system from div go
  - [ADD] added the new Web Api of fonts FontFace, improving their loading
  - [ADD] compile code button now when pressing waits for compiler response
  - [FIX] corrections and improvement in the operation of two-dimensional tables
  - [FIX] fixed the functioning of the functions out_region() and out_region_dist()
  - [FIX] fixed several minor problems of the ide
  - [CHANGE] windows version goes to Electron, more current and with support for new api

news v1.30.0: (23/04/2020)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] fullscreen_scale() function and manual position of scrollss
  - [FIX] problem when assigning a table from another two-dimensional table or when operating between them
  - [FIX] fixed loading of fpg and fnt format files
  - [FIX] drawing of processes when calling frame, if there is no frame it does not draw the process
  - [FIX] fixed path_find(), path_free() and path_line() functions
  - [FIX] solved issue with 3d shadow functions when applied to textured objects
  - [DEL] removed onfocus() on canvas in both projector and packaged projects

news v1.28.2: (06/04/2020)

bugs and added:
  - [CHANGE] change in map_get_pixel() function with noticeable performance improvement
  - [FIX] minimal fixes in ide and compiler

news v1.28.0: (04/04/2020)

  - change_text();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new options in graphic editor
  - [ADD] increase in size range in graphic editor
  - [FIX] corrected array declaration if declared with an operator gets value of operation
  - [FIX] variable data reserved for get_id() and collisions
  - [FIX] solved problem with spaces reserved for conditions
  - [FIX] screen_mooth() and screen_scaline() now work fine within block loading
  - [FIX] problems in compiler when joining and and or conditions if you have a line break
  - [FIX] solved problems with scroll and its initialization if there was one started before
  - [FIX] fixed problems with draw() and xdraw() when defining region size
  - [DEL] smooth option in graphic editor did not make sense, now always false

news v1.26.0: (02/02/2020)

  - region_size();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new parameter in screen_scanline () to indicate the type and improved when it appears on the screen
  - [ADD] now you can declare private and local structs
  - [ADD] possibility to get struct by parameter
  - [ADD] including div dx game Mike DX's Pitfall adapted to div go
  - [ADD] new menu of examples with access to more games and tutorials
  - [FIX] fixed problems opening an example did not select the tab correctly
  - [FIX] fixed problem in the code editor that pressing ctrl-z will erase all the code
  - [FIX] variables of a struct can have similar names of processes, functions or other declared variables
  - [FIX] problem with last features in region_blur()
  - [UPDATE] updated some examples and games
  - [UPDATE] codemirror to latest version

news v1.24.0: (16/11/2019)

  - start_bezier_curve(), set_bezier_curve(), stop_bezier_curve(), draw_bezier_curve();
  - base64_to_graph(), graph_to_base64(), get_dist_objects3d();

global variables:
  - rgb_to_8c, rgb_to_32c
local variables:
  - line_size, line_color, line_blur
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] optimized blur effects in blur_in_map() and region_blur() functions
  - [ADD] local file search button when including new image
  - [ADD] optimization in the scaling of the game canvas, now controls whether from the browser there is change and not constantly
  - [FIX] fixed issues with the new tab system, it was not sorted or selected correctly
  - [FIX] include block
  - [FIX] fixed some data processing problems in the compiler
  - [CHANGE] changes and improvements in ide styles

news v1.20.0: (22/04/2019)

  - set_half_scroll(), key_in(), key_out();
struct scroll:
  - half: x, y, alpha, blur, grayscale, invert, sepia, tone, saturate, brightness;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new scroll plane between front and back, activated with set_half_scroll()
  - [ADD] code optimization in the compiler
  - [ADD] optimized keyboard operation
  - [FIX] asynchronous loading of graphics of formats other than .map
  - [FIX] corrected qsort that stopped working in previous versions
  - [FIX] degraded texts and primitives
  - [FIX] functioning of get_id()
  - [DEL] old keyboard system that traversed and compared the event of the pressed key
  - [CHANGE] new system of tabs, now you can have more than 4 tabs
  - [CHANGE] change in ide styles for smaller resolutions
  - [UPDATE] updated codemirror to newer version

news v1.18.0: (05/01/2019)

  - is_fullscreen(), fullscreen_scale();
struct scroll:
  - back: x, y, alpha, blur, grayscale, invert, sepia, tone, saturate, brightness;
  - front: x, y, alpha, blur, grayscale, invert, sepia, tone, saturate, brightness;

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new error warning system for the ide
  - [FIX] now when you drag an original .map div file to add to the fpg, it does not give an error
  - [FIX] loading process independent of the loading block
  - [DEL] struct scroll variables: x0, y0, alpha0, x1, y1, alpha1, fx
  - [CHANGE] in the handling of scroll with the new variables, back for the background and front for the front

news v1.16.7: (12/11/2018)

bugs and added:
  - [DEL] delete element that was replicated in each loaded chart in case an effect was applied
  - [CHANGE] changes in functions: color_in_map(), paint_in_map(), blur_in_map(), pixelated_in_map()
  - [CHANGE] changed the functioning of screen_copy()

news v1.16.4: (04/11/2018)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] rendering of write_int() cut the letters in the first frame
  - [FIX] unload_fpg() did not remove previously loaded fpgs
  - [CHANGE] the functioning of fade(), new_map(), texture_in_map() and write_in_map()
  - [CHANGE] code optimization and functioning of map_get_pixel()

news v1.16.0: (16/09/2018)

  - atob(), base64_encode(), base64_decode(), is_int();
local variables:
  - blur, grayscale, sepia, saturate, invert, tone, brightness;
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] correction in the compiler to download packaged projects
  - [CHANGE] changes in fps performance to improve the optimization of the main loop
  - [CHANGE] renaming functions isfinite() by is_finite() and isnan() by is_nan()

news v1.14.1: (19/11/2017)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] corrected @load_fpg() to allow the use of the global load variable loading_data

news v1.14.0: (14/11/2017)

  - say(), change_fpg_color();
  - _case_sensitive, _simple_conditions, _initial_fpg;
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] compiler problem that did not detect a function error without value between two commas
  - [ADD] including the first compilation options by code with compiler_options
  - [ADD] load of independent resources to the loading block with the use of @ in front of the function, ex: @load_xxx()
  - [ADD] now 'use strict' is added in the javascript code of the game
  - [CHANGE] in the write functions so that you write the ids instead of the javascript [object object]
  - [CHANGE] internal change in process refresh within a scrolls to correctly return the scroll position
  - [CHANGE] the internal variables cease to be all var, now let and const are included as in the specification of the es6

news v1.12: (10/06/2017)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] fpg files (8,16,32) did not read graphics with code greater than 255
  - [FIX] solved a problem with reading and writing graphics that were already loaded in memory
  - [FIX] corrected the coordinates of the get_dist() and constraint() functions, to fit mode7 and scene3d
  - [FIX] correction and optimization in the compiler when looking for errors in the code
  - [ADD] from the graphic editor you can define the RGB color you want to select to draw
  - [ADD] now saves the size of the text field of the code editor
  - [ADD] When you put the full-size code editor you have included search and replace options
  - [ADD] new theme: Classic Div 2

news v1.10: (26/04/2017)

  - delete_region(), is_defined_region(), set_description(), set_author();
  - mouse.is_active, loading_data, b_screen_width, b_screen_height;
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] when adding a graph from the editor, if it was not made any changes it was not saved
  - [FIX] copying regions with region_copy() did not copy the effects that were included in them
  - [FIX] correction in the compiler that affected declaring two-dimensional tables without setting values
  - [FIX] corrected some functions that gave error if the graph does not exist
  - [FIX] fixed graphical error in texture_in_map(), path_find(), path_free() and path_line()
  - [ADD] functions to control 'div go' from other scripts: DivGO.start(), DivGO.pause(), DivGO.continue(), DivGO.stop()
  - [ADD] examples in english and catalan, separated by sub-folders (lack the translation into catalan)
  - [UPDATE] threejs to version r85 y codemirror to versión 5.25.2

news v1.08: (16/12/2016)

  - region_copy(), region_chroma(), write_object3d();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] program analyzer, you can now see and manipulate the local variables of a process while it is running
  - [FIX] the sounds and videos did not stop when the program stopped from the outside or when changing tab
  - [ADD] now a small audio buffer is generated so that several identical sounds can be played simultaneously
  - [FIX] corrected joy and pad structs, now detects more than one button pressed at a time
  - [FIX] input() and link() to fullscreen did not fit well and disappeared
  - [FIX] corrections in the responsive version for a better visualization from mobile devices of the environment
  - [UPDATE] threejs to version r83

news v1.06: (07/10/2016)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] fixed several problems of the compiler
  - [FIX] in the input function to return by offset the value of a variable of a struct
  - [FIX] solved problem with mouse.graph did not show any graphic
  - [FIX] problem in the loading block
  - [FIX] in the converter code to accumulate many conditions outside and inside different loops in the same process
  - [FIX] the set_terrain function stopped working in several versions
  - [UPDATE] threejs to version r81

news v1.04: (14/09/2016)

  - input(), move_input(), delete_input();
  - all_inputs, num_input, num_link;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] text fields to enter a variable, makes mobile devices display the digital keyboard
  - [FIX] fixed some minor problems in building code
  - [FIX] to create a process or function with the name of the same arguments to global variables declared, it converted into local
  - [CHANGE] in the joy and pad struct for compatibility with firefox
  - [FIX] holds the position where you were in the code to compile and run
  - [FIX] now it supports structs save data both local_storage, session variables and sending external data
  - [CHANGE] the load_external_data() function now has a parameter to pass the variable offset instead of returning a value

news v1.02: (13/08/2016)

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] move_link() and link() functions now include two new parameters to remove border and change the color
  - [FIX] switch case failed within the loop
  - [FIX] fixed problem in interpreting code when they mixed different loops with conditions inside
  - [FIX] correction in the compiler to delete comments from the last version was left some exception
  - [CHANGE] it removed the code shadow effect, made it slower and in some browsers texts to the first was not shown, and changed the tones for better contrast
  - [FIX] problem solved graphics refresh 'fpg viewer' to switch tabs
  - [FIX] the button save prg failed on the latest version

news v1.00: (23/07/2016)

  - link(), move_link(), delete_link(), vibration();
  - enable_notifications(), enable_geolocation();
  - clear_map(), clear_map_put(), clear_map_xput();
  - refresh_scroll();

  - all_links, b_geo_latitude, b_geo_longitude, b_online;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] option to create a new graphic from adding graphic of fpg viewer
  - [CHANGE] internal changes in graphic functions: map_put_pixel(), map_xput(), map_block_copy()... should now work as div2
  - [FIX] corrections in the graphical editor: in the insertion of new graphics and delete graphics edited
  - [FIX] fixed several minor problems related to internal changes of the latest version

news v0.96: (07/07/2016)

  - notification();
  - b_battery_charge, b_battery_level, b_battery_time;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] notification system
  - [ADD] error message when assigning a value to a constant
  - [ADD] option to program in the editor to the full size of the page
  - [ADD] packaging options: minify html code, add fullscreen button
  - [ADD] new optional parameter in the region_wave() and wave_in_map(), to separate for a set number of pixels the effect
  - [CHANGE] internal change in the drawing scrolls to slightly improve performance
  - [CHANGE] now load_fpg() returns an integer value according to the fpg that have been loaded into memory as did div 2
  - [CHANGE] the local variable file uses integer values, in div go (file = 0) is the route 'graficos' so the first load_fpg() will correspond to (file = 1)
  - [CHANGE] internal change in the name of the functions of 'div go' to not clash with variables and functions of future libraries
  - [FIX] reduction in the size of the instruction array, where each piece of code is saved
  - [FIX] fixed an error in construction of project code, by making recent changes
  - [FIX] (07/07/2016) in the notifications system and eliminated the function change_notifications(), this is no longer necessary

news v0.94: (29/05/2016)

  - get_image_tiles(), floor(), ceil();
  - shift_status, scan_caps_lock, scan_num_lock, scan_scroll_lock;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] Now the compiler notifies and displays errors if a table or structure is not closed
  - [ADD] font size settings in the code

news v0.93: (14/05/2016)

  - get_song_channels(), get_channel();
bugs and added:
  - [CHANGE] start_mode7() to start without any ctype = c_m7 declared, is not drawing the mode7 on screen
  - [ADD] cnumber now works in mode7 and scene3d
  - [FIX] the order of a two-dimensional array, was the opposite: my_array [a, b], the first was 'b' and then 'a'
  - [FIX] the view_full_... modes of set_mode() function; it is not displayed in the loading process on block loading
  - [FIX] correction preloading resources from viewers fpg and fonts
  - [FIX] when drawing 'texts' and 'draws graphics' used degraded constantly being even a plane color which made slowed the program's operation, sometimes leading to crash the browser
  - [CHANGE] gradients now work differently, using move_draw() always applies a plane color so before frame must be added gradient_draw()
  - [ADD] in the graph editor now with high zoom shows a grid of image pixels

news v0.92: (05/04/2016)

  - start_capture_cam(), stop_capture_cam();
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] 4 new shapes to draw(): linear triangle, filler triangle, linear polygon and filler polygon
  - [FIX] set_song_pos() now is positioned on the line 0 to change position
  - [FIX] correction in the compiler when a file is loaded into an array variable or a struct
  - [FIX] in collisions when not loaded either the file path
  - [FIX] fixed problem that affects the latest versions when painting processes in different scrolls
  - [FIX] fixed problem with cpoints in map_put(), map_xput(), map_put_pixel() and map_block_copy()
  - [ADD] supported graphic effects in map_put(), map_xput() and map_block_copy()
  - [FIX] resolved problem in drawing map_put_pixel()
  - [FIX] local variables now work with the initial program, before only they were valid in the processes
  - [ADD] loading a new route with load_fpg() uncompiled notifies you that you must first compile to display its contents and lets you create a new fpg
  - [ADD] resizing editable image area from the editor
  - [ADD] ide responsive for mobile devices

news v0.90: (01/03/2016)

  - load_song(), song(), stop_song(), is_playing_song(), get_song_line(), get_song_pos(), set_song_pos(), unload_song()
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] new lib webaudio-modplayer to add compatibility with tracker: mod, xm y s3m
  - [FIX] fixed outside a loop within the block clone
  - [FIX] text alignment with write_in_map() from the variable mouse.graph
  - [FIX] fixed alignment problem in the texts style stroke
  - [FIX] when a process on mode7 or on scene3d had no graph and then was added a value to graph the program crashed
  - [FIX] now displayed again audio files linked by code in the audio control ide

news v0.88: (08/02/2016)

struct touch:
  - is_active, x, y, timer;
  - path_find(), set_visible_mouse()
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] format compatibility: map, fnt and fpg of fenix (16 bit color)
  - [ADD] code cleaning and optimization
  - [ADD] write, write_int and write_in_map now the text width is not limited to the size of the canvas, it is dynamic the font size
  - [DEL] browser variable of struct mouse, it slows by having to constantly check the apparent condition of the mouse on the canvas
  - [ADD] multitouch support with the new struct touch
  - [CHANGE] mouse variable no longer returns tactile values, was limited to one finger and could not be combined at once touch and mouse
  - [FIX] small optimization in drawing and restoration of graphic effects
  - [FIX] the effects does not apply to graphs that were not in the file 0 (folder 'graphics'), now it applies to all including the fpg files
  - [FIX] fixed problem when force the output of the program to end the last active process
  - [FIX] revised building code, when multiple loops of different types and within conditions are combine, blocked the program
  - [FIX] the compiler did not checking either the variables of a user-defined struct when there were several on the same line

news v0.86: (22/12/2015)

  - rgb_to_16c, rgb_to_128c, rgb_to_256c, rgb_to_gboy
bugs and added:
  - [MEGA ADD] format compatibility: map, fnt and fpg of bennugd (32 bit color)
  - [ADD] font viewer now supports the fnt file of 32 bit
  - [ADD] fpg viewer now displays (no edit) compatible fpg files of bennugd
  - [ADD] now are saved the line positions when switching tabs
  - [DEL] the option to show list compilation, ceased to be useful for a many versions
  - [FIX] fixed problem with the projection of shadows
  - [FIX] fixed problem when removed, added or selected a tab
  - [FIX] several minor bugs correction in compiler and ide

news v0.84: (03/12/2015)

  - set_shadows(); clear_shadows(); shadow_in_object3d(); out_region_dist(); set_volume();
  - b_left, b_top, b_pixel_ratio
bugs and added:
  - [MEGA ADD] compatibility with fnt and fpg files of div 2 (8-bit color)
  - [ADD] font viewer now supports the fnt file
  - [ADD] fpg viewer now displays (no edit) compatible fpg files of div 2
  - [FIX] problem resolved in the compiler when a value is returned to several variables at once, ex: a=b=rand(0,2);
  - [FIX] image editor does not adapt in the frame of the image when a large image is visualized and then a smaller
  - [ADD] performance improvements of ide, viewers of resource and the list of processes and functions
  - [ADD] included the original fnt files in the games Pacoman and Castle of Dr. Malvado
  - [ADD] included the game of div2 Steroid by Daniel Navarro adapted to div go

news v0.82: (04/11/2015)

  - get_sound_length(); get_sound_playtime(); get_video_length(); get_video_playtime();
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] out_region() with scrolling of 'scroll', stays position fixed
  - [FIX] fixed problem with the tonalities on the function fade()
  - [FIX] in file uploads, left unchecked the existence of previously loaded files
  - [FIX] forget to in the previous version uncomment a line that affected the image resizing with set_mode()
  - [FIX] fixed problem with clonings, the cloning of processes now run
  - [CHANGE] change in the operation of get_id(), now works similarly to div2
  - [FIX] the functioning of processes when are used different ctype and priority local
  - [FIX] load_image() to properly support the load map file
  - [ADD] option of deleting data (cookies, cache, localstorage) for edited images, stored codes and environment settings
  - [ADD] included the game of div2 Pacoman by Daniel Navarro adapted to div go

news v0.80: (15/10/2015)

  - unique();
2d functions:
  - write_html(); graphic_explorer(); graphic_builder();
3d functions:
  - get_vectors(); change_vectors();
struct [graphic_explorer]:
  - my_var.data[pixel_rgba], my_var.width, my_var.height;
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] operation of fade_out() and fade_on(), as did the original div
  - [FIX] fade_in() and fade_out() when combined with fade_on() and fade_off()
  - [FIX] write_int() game hung in passing a variable without 'offset' or put a function in the 'offset'
  - [FIX] scrolls error when you have not created a number of scrolls or some lower number skipped
  - [FIX] when packaging a project with added new images and maps have changed since the ide
  - [FIX] on list the loaded FPGS in the code, if the load is repeated, he appeared several times on the list
  - [ADD] scrollbar in the graphical editor when the image is larger than the browser window
  - [ADD] supported on the scene3d and mode7 the graph effects
  - [ADD] including 4 new 3d shapes in the object3d() function: icosahedron, tetrahedron, dodecahedron and circle plane
  - [ADD] recovered graphic manipulation functions

news v0.78: (19/09/2015)

2d functions:
  - xdraw_stamp(); move_scroll();
  - rgb_to_invert, rgb_to_grayscale, rgb_to_bw
bugs and added:
  - [CHANGE] the order of placement of local and private variables in the construction of a process
  - [FIX] the program gave error when trying to make any kind of collision with mouse
  - [FIX] problem when update the scroll with several regions with scroll initialized
  - [FIX] problem since the compiler with variable 'timer[0] = x' if not used brackets 'timer = x'
  - [FIX] issue with loading and viewing images uploaded from the 'fpg viewer' environment
  - [FIX] to upload images from the 'fpg viewer' an fpg different from 0 is not saved
  - [FIX] textures uploaded from fpg viewer, did not apply in 3d objects, leaving these on white
  - [CHANGE] set_mode() changes the way interpret the screen resizing, now put set_mode(m320x240,2); resized to 640x480
  - [CHANGE] stop_scroll() now eliminates the processes that have ctype with c_scroll value and not exists none scroll region
  - [ADD] included the game of div2 Castle of Dr. Malvado by Daniel Navarro adapted to div go

news v0.76: (06/09/2015)

2d functions:
  - draw_stamp();
3d functions:
  - clear_texture(); color_object3d(); video_in_object3d();
  - xgraph, stroke_size, stroke_round
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] fixed problem with signal by eliminating various processes of different types with 'all_process'
  - [FIX] corrected the position of the control points of the map files
  - [ADD] keyword 'dup' to duplicate values enclosed in parentheses
  - [CHANGE] changes to the compiler that no error declaration of new variables with defined variables of structs
  - [FIX] map_block_copy, map_xput, map_put, map_put_pixel and screen_copy, did not handle the control points image
  - [FIX] corrected several bugs in the compiler

news v0.74 rev. 1: (18/08/2015)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] fixed problem when using "until" if the condition had any function
  - [FIX] "if" and "elseif" also had the same problem that "until"
  - [FIX] collision(), collision_box() and collision_circle() now check that the id of the process is different to that of the process that collides

news v0.74: (12/08/2015)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] collision_box() and collision_circle() with use of checkpoints
  - [FIX] fixed bug with collision() to reduce in size and use checkpoint
  - [ADD] collision_box() and collision_circle() more optimal
  - [FIX] screen_smooth() now works again
  - [FIX] problem corrected coordinate objetos3d in rotation with respect to camera position
  - [ADD] collision() optimized
  - [ADD] loading block supports the functions: set_mode(), set_title(), set_icon(), screen_color(), screen_smooth()
  - [DEL] variable screen_paint eliminated loading block
  - [ADD] code optimization, now the js file divgo is lighter

news v0.72: (24/07/2015)

2d functions:
  - collision_circle()
3d functions:
  - set_terrain(), collision_objects3d(), object_in_scene3d()
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] now the local variable 'son' working properly
  - [FIX] stop_scene3d(), stop_mode7(), start_mode7() are now closed and initialized correctly and avoid saturation
  - [ADD] heightmaps terrain with scene3d and collisions of objects 3d
  - [FIX] fixed collided with graphic effects and rotations
  - [ADD] ability to change the position of an image in fpg
  - [ADD] option to include new images to fpg, dragging the image from a folder to browser

news v0.70 rev. 1: (27/06/2015)

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] control points in .map files
  - [FIX] the output of the loop loops when multiple loops, one within the other
  - [FIX] fixed bug when there was more than one offset on the same line: get_real_point(pt, &x_pt, &y_pt)
  - [FIX] in ide when the code was single quotes in file upload functions
  - [FIX] mouse.graph failed to apply effects or using new_map()

news v0.70: (20/06/2015)

  - trim(), rtrim(), ltrim()
  - t_milliseconds, num_text, num_drawing, num_xdrawing, num_video, num_sound, num_object3d, num_light3d
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] control points remain in the graphs that were applied effects
  - [ADD] now the control points are also applied in the graphs in the mode7 and scene3D
  - [ADD] continue statement
  - [ADD] the marks of error returns to work and is now stored with the code of the selected tab
  - [ADD] now it remains saved the FPG in their respective selected tab
  - [FIX] fixed several minor problems of IDE
  - [FIX] output correction using BREAK and IF combined with several different loops in a single process
  - [FIX] you could not save the prg of the selected tab

news v0.68: (31/05/2015)

variables loading:
  - percent, percent_x, percent_y, percent_size, percent_color
  - progress, progress_x, progress_y, progress_size, progress_color

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] you can now restore the edited images from the editor with the option to delete changes
  - [ADD] tabs code, now you can have open 4 codes without crushing the previous
  - [ADD] now the right mouse button on the graphical editor paints the second selected color
  - [ADD] improved performance of the lib divgo
  - [ADD] program now also included in the list of processes to quickly access the code
  - [FIX] tables are not interpreted well with write_int() if the position was the name of a variable
  - [FIX] fixed issue with saving modified images in the editor, it is now stored in the specified path project
  - [FIX] output over a loop break from the same process, not kept the starting position with loops, from and while
  - [FIX] the return statement for several versions return values ​​back stop
  - [FIX] problem with the link position in the list of processes and functions when there were comments / * * / commented that ignored such lines
  - [FIX] fixed several minor bugs

news v0.66: (01/05/2015)

variables mouse:
  - right, middle, browser
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] reading and viewing div .map files (including cpoints)
  - [ADD] new error message in the compiler and control of the error
  - [ADD] first version of the graphic editor (basic functionality)
  - [ADD] ide internal improvements
  - [FIX] 3d objects loaded with load_object3d() is now included in the package automatically
  - [ADD] on packaging included images edited with the graphic editor
  - [ADD] option to save and restore code of the cloud / server divgo.net

news v0.64: (17/03/2015)

  - load_object3d()
variables locales:
  - angle_x, angle_y, angle_z
struct scene3d:
  - focus, distance
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] start_scene3d() now can create multiple scene3d in different regions
  - [CHANGE] the fifth parameter of object3d function happens to be the region number for the line thickness cellshading
  - [CHANGE] mode7 rewritten, now works similar to Div except for a change and the use of local (y, z)
  - [FIX] the light3d to create the objects before the lights do not light was applied
  - [FIX] to add texture to texture_in_object3d after a light, no light is applied on said texture
  - [ADD] handling angles mode7 and scene3din advance() and xadvance()
  - [DEL] struct camera3d eliminated
  - [CHANGE] start_scene3d() with two parameters least now the width and height of the textures is automatic
  - [FIX] fixed several bugs in the compiler
  - [ADD] load 3d objects in format: .obj, .dae and .wrl
  - [FIX] (19/03/2015) bug that creates white space between the signs (+, -, *, /) and = sign and a function
  - [FIX] (19/03/2015) angle_z only worked if the process was drawn on screen

news v0.62: (30/01/2015)

  - start_scene3d(), set_fog(), stop_scene3d()
  - object3d(), texture_in_object3d(), move_object3d(), modify_object3d(), delete_object3d()
  - light3d(), move_light3d(), delete_light3d()

  - c_scene3d, all_object3d, all_light3d
struct scene3d:
  - camera, light, terrain, alpha, visible;
struct camera3d:
  - focus, x, y, z, angle_x, angle_y, angle_z;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] 3d library Three.js to create scenes, lights and objects in 3d
  - [FIX] when pressing in the listing process, now leave you the exact line of code where the process is declared
  - [ADD] indicator shows whether you have or do not have, keyboard control over the game
  - [ADD] example of use of new 3D functions

news v0.60 rev. 1: (20/12/2014)

  - [FIX] fixed problem with return; no pass any values the screen goes black
  - [FIX] the variables x0, y0, x1 and y1 of the struct scroll functioned the opposite of Div
  - [FIX] solved synchronization problem of the processes that are managed by child processes

news v0.60: (07/12/2014)

  - math_pi, math_e, math_max, math_min
  - isnan(), isfinite(), exp(), log()
  - hsl(), hsla(), explode(), implode()

bugs and added:
  - [FIX] fixed problem with the operation of touch on Android devices
  - [FIX] enhanced structs statement now the compiler is not bundled when two different structs have the same variables
  - [FIX] some bugs in the ide, the compiler and the engine
  - [ADD] small optimization in the drawing process and scrolls
  - [ADD] buttons to minimize windows of resources independently
  - [ADD] font viewer (ttf, otf, woff) and control of audio that is loaded from the code
  - [ADD] now the process list is colored according to the state of each process
  - [FIX] it has become the pause button project in the list of processes

news v0.58: (17/10/2014)

  - region_wave(), region_zoom(), region_mask()
  - wave_in_map()
  - fade_in(), fade_out()

struct tilt:
  - x, y, z
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] when you run your project in chrome from root file:/// not initialized, it is advisable to run the project at http:// because some javascript functionality may fail
  - [FIX] problem with set_mode when using variables of resolution with magnification value
  - [FIX] small optimization in the canvas drawn
  - [ADD] changes in program initialization to improve the content of html packaging project
  - [FIX] fixed several minor bugs
  - [ADD] new menus, user guide, more examples and Tutorials Div Games Studio

news v0.56: (12/09/2014)

  - qsort();
  - m320x200, m320x240, m320x400, m360x240, m360x360, m376x282, m400x300, m640x400, m640x480
  - m800x600, m960x640, m1024x768, m1280x720, m1280x960, m1600x900, m1280x1024, m1920x1080

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] internal changes in map_get_pixel() and collision() to work more quickly and optimally
  - [ADD] compiler now more optimized
  - [ADD] support data list after end to structs, ex: end = 1, "jose", 1800, 2, "manuel" ...;
  - [ADD] changes set_mode(); function now works with predefined variables as a div-like
  - [ADD] by clicking on the images in the fpg viewer, these are wide and you can see information "x", "y", "Color"
  - [ADD] new error messages in the compiler now reports more errors in code
  - [FIX] fixed several minor bugs and compiler code builder

news v0.54: (18/08/2014)

  - exists(); screen_scanline(); //scanline is only displayed when the screen is enlarged x2 or more
bugs and added:
  - [FIX] collision() y collision_box() with control points and flags other than 0
  - [FIX] scroll lock codes
  - [FIX] exit () function, showed no outgoing message and now stops playback of audio/video
  - [FIX] problem in generating the file from the compiler fpg.dat
  - [ADD] pause game from environment
  - [FIX] fixed several bugs related to changes in v0.50

news v0.52: (31/07/2014)

  - paint_in_map();
  - map_put(), map_put_pixel(), map_xput(), map_block_copy();

  - rgb_to_bgr, rgb_to_grb, rgb_to_rbg, rgb_to_brg, rgb_to_gbr
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] mejorada la información de errores del compilador devolviendo el error y el numero de linea correctos
  - [ADD] ahora el compilador marca la linea de codigo que ha dado error, haciendo mas facil su localización
  - [ADD] clonación de procesos con el bloque clone ... end
  - [ADD] ahora las funciones put, xput, put_screen aceptan como parámetro graph las funciones xxxx_in_map() o new_map();
  - [FIX] solucionado varios bugs relacionado con los últimos cambios
  - [ADD] incluido el ejemplo de div 2 Plataformas de Carlos Dominguez adaptado a div go

news v0.50: (12/07/2014)

  - pixelated_in_map(), blur_in_map(), region_pixelated(), region_blur();
  - color_in_map(), region_color(); //en sustitución a las graphic_explorer(), graphic_builder(),...

  - _c_minus, _c_plus, _c_asterisk, _c_backslash, _caps_lock, _num_lock, _scroll_lock
  - _ins, _home, _pgup, _pgdn, _del, _end, _minus, _plus, _l_brachet, _r_brachet
  - _c_home, _c_up, _c_pgup, _c_left, _c_center, _c_right, _c_end, _c_down, _c_pgdn, _c_ins, _c_del
  - cc_red, cc_green, cc_blue, cc_yellow, cc_cyan, cc_magenta, cc_orange, cc_lime, cc_violet, cc_brown
  - cc_pink, cc_purple, cc_aqua, cc_pistache, cc_turquoise, cc_maroon, cc_silver, cc_gray, cc_white, cc_black

deprecated functions:
  - graphic_explorer(), screen_explorer(), region_explorer(), graphic_builder();
bugs and added:
  - [MEGA ADD] realizado cambio interno para que la forma de usar los procesos en div go ahora sea similar a un div-like
  - [ADD] mejorada la lista de procesos en el entorno, ahora muestra información de los procesos: graph, x, y, z...
  - [ADD] añadido soporte completo a las teclas del teclado, con las variables de div / div 2
  - [FIX] arreglado problema de bloqueo con la función signal al usar señales que afectaban al árbol familiar
  - [DEL] eliminadas las funciones de manipulación de gráficos, con el cambio interno de div go su funcionamiento era lento
  - [ADD] actualizado ejemplos con el uso de las nuevas funciones
  - [FIX] (16/07/2014) solucionado varios bugs menores del compilador

news v0.44: (10/06/2014)

  - cnumber, c_0, c_1, ..., c_9;
  - all_process;
  - restore_type, no_restore, partial_restore, complete_restore;
  - struct joy, struct pad;
  - b_joy_connect, b_pad_connect, b_name_joy, b_name_pad; //pad y joy devuelven la misma información

struct joy:
  - left, right, up, down, button1, button2, button3, button4;
struct pad:
  - left, right, up, down, button0, button1, ..., button9, stick1.left, stick1.right, stick1.up,
  - stick1.down, stick1.button, stick2.left, ..., stick2.button;

  - ya se pueden crear bloques function
  - unload_image(), unload_fpg(), unload_font(), unload_sound(), unload_video();
  - set_color()

bugs and added:
  - [ADD] cambios en scroll para controlar la camara en distintas ventanas de scrolls asociadas a procesos
  - [ADD] cambios en la función signal para que acepte la variable all_process
  - [ADD] ahora el compilador crea un archivo asociado a cada fpg, con esto las carga de fpg es mucho más rápida
  - [ADD] get_browser() ahora devuelve el nombre del navegador utilizado y la información del gamepad
  - [FIX] solucionado problemas y mejorada la reproduccion de audio/video
  - [FIX] si un proceso o una función tiene el valor de un grafico no existente no se dibuja el grafico
  - [FIX] ahora break dentro del loop finaliza el bucle al instante
  - [ADD] actualizado algunos ejemplos con las nuevas funcionalidades

news v0.42 rev. 3: (13/05/2014)

  - [FIX] corregido problema con map_get_pixel con mapas grandes, no detectaba color

news v0.42 rev. 2: (10/05/2014)

  - [FIX] solucionado problema con los bloqueos de la camara en scroll que afectaba a los proceso hijos

news v0.42 rev. 1: (07/05/2014)

  - [FIX] solucionado bug con write_int en la visualización de variables array o struct
  - [FIX] arreglado problema con jerarquías de procesos father y son

news v0.42: (02/05/2014)

  - max_int, min_int, view_full_amplitude; //nueva variable de ampliación para set_mode()
  - sort(array, modo); //ordenar array
  - btoa(); otoa(); htoa(); //convierte cadena en binario, octal y hexadecimal
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] realizado cambios en el sistema de carga grafica, por lo que div go ahora es mas optimo
  - [FIX] ahora funciona bien los juegos en google chrome para móvil
  - [ADD] colisión con mouse, ej: if (collision(type mouse))
  - [FIX] corregido problema con las variables locales
  - [FIX] ahora no genera error el compilador el añadir variables locales o privadas después del bloque loading
  - [FIX] corregido problema con el valor inicial de la variable size
  - [FIX] solucionado problema en la construcción de structs
  - [FIX] solucionado varios bugs menores del compilador

news v0.40: (03/03/2014)

  - graphic_explorer(); screen_explorer(); region_explorer(); graphic_builder(); //funciones para manipular los gráficos
struct [graphic_explorer, screen_explorer]:
  - mi_var.data[pixel_rgba], mi_var.width, mi_var.height;
bugs and added:
  - [ADD] funcionamiento general de div go mas optimo, ahora corre mas procesos a la vez sin ralentizarse
  - [ADD] las funciones graphic_explorer(), screen_explorer() y region_explorer() convierte la variable que recibe el valor en una struct para reconstruir con graphic_builder()
  - [FIX] solucionado problema con la sentencia switch cuando era creada dentro del bucle loop
  - [FIX] corregido el funcionamiento de la función screen_copy()
  - [ADD] ahora se puede intercambiar y crear nuevos temas de entorno
  - [FIX] cuando se pone nombre a un proceso o al programa igual a una funcion existente, no avisaba del error
  - [FIX] cuando se ponia dos comas seguidas en una funcion o llamada a proceso no daba error en el compilador

news v0.38: (25/01/2014)

  - estructura local reserved
  - mouse.graph, mouse.file, mouse.angle, mouse.size, mouse.flags, mouse.alpha, mouse.region

  - open_socket(), send_socket(), get_socket(), close_socket(); //estas funciones irán cambiando y estarán accesibles para testear
bugs and added:
  - optimización de funciones: move_draw(); move_xdraw(); move_text();
  - mejorado el comportamiento del touch cuando se usa las variables de mouse
  - optimización del código para un mejor funcionamiento general
  - ahora los procesos pueden devolver un valor en vez de su id haciendo uso de la sentencia return
  - ahora el compilador comprueba el numero de parámetros que tiene un proceso y si es correcto en las llamadas
  - en esta versión se genera automáticamente un objeto para el mouse, usando las variables del struct mouse para cambiar sus propiedades
  - solucionado problema del compilador que no permitía concatenar llamadas a procesos con operadores
  - div go cambia de licencia, ahora pasa a ser licencia mit únicamente (para poder publicar en la appstore)

news v0.36: (15/12/2013)

include: ya se puede incluir procesos desde archivos prg externos, debe ir después de program y antes de global, private, local o begin
bugs and added:
  - ahora los graficos con new_map(), write_in_map() y texture_in_map() soporta colisiones
  - manejo de variables locales con la id del proceso, ahora funciona como en div: id_nombre.x = x;
  - solucionado problema de parpadeo grafico cuando dos procesos tenían la misma z, ahora se pinta por delante el ultimo proceso que ha sido llamado
  - añadida comprobación de archivos desde el compilador, si no existe un archivo mostrara el mensaje de error: no se encontró archivo
  - corregido bugs minimos de la versión anterior
  - vuelve a funcionar div go en navegadores móviles de ios: safari y chrome
  - vuelve a funcionar div go en navegadores antiguos: ie9, opera 11+

news v0.34: (17/11/2013)

  - subtract_text(); subtract_draw(); subtract_xdraw();
  - path_free(); path_line();

  - loading.text_x; loading.text_y;
changes: load_ttf(), load_otf(), load_woff() por load_font();
bugs and added:
  - generador/empaquetador de proyectos
  - salida de archivos para adaptar div go a distintos ide externos
  - loading ahora carga tambien sonidos, videos y fuentes
  - ahora se pueden declarar arrays de dos dimensiones. ej: mi_variable[10, 5]
  - mejoras en el compilador para detectar nuevos errores de codigo
  - entorno en varios idiomas seleccionables desde el pie: español (por defecto), ingles, catalan y frances

news v0.32: (09/10/2013)

  - screen_smooth(); set_icon();
  - texture_in_map();
  - set_center(); set_point(); get_point(); get_real_point();

struct: ya se pueden declarar estructuras, pero todavía no acepta lista de variables después del cierre end
sección loading: nueva seccion de configuracion para la carga de recursos
variables sección loading:
  - screen_paint; graph; x; y; size; angle; text; text_position; text_size; text_color; speed;
bugs and added:
  - ahora funciona write_int tambien con variables private y local
  - arreglado problema con define_region y out_region cuando se pasa el juego a pantalla completa
  - case x: ya no necesita un break; antes de end, ahora funciona como div
  - mode7 mas rapido y optimo
  - incluido en los ejemplos el juego Super Paf! de Amaka Soft adaptado a div go

news v0.30: (05/09/2013)

  - rgba(); xdraw(); move_xdraw(); delete_xdraw();
  - load_external_data(); save_external_data();

variables: all_xdrawing, fps
changes: load_bmp(), load_gif(), load_jpg(), load_png(), load_svg() por load_image();
bugs and added:
  - solucionado problema con el dibujado de draw() cuando habia un scroll de fondo, hacia de mascara
  - arreglado problema con la carga de imagenes (.jpg .gif .svg .bmp)
  - ya se pueden llamar funciones desde funciones sin limites. ej: draw(1, rgb(rand(0,255), rand(0,255), rand(0,255)), 0 ...);
  - solucionado pequeño problema con scroll.camera y ctype;
  - mejorada la declaracion de tablas, ahora se puede declarar de las distintas formas que se podia en div original.
  - realizado grandes cambios internos a div go, se ha ganado velocidad y ahora mueve un mayor numero de procesos en ejecucion

news v0.28: (16/07/2013)

  - near_angle(), constraint(), sizeof()
  - find_local_storage(), load_local_storage(), save_local_storage(), delete_local_storage(); //guarda datos en local
  - find_session(), load_session(), save_session(), delete_session(); //guarda datos de sesion

  - timer[9], num_process, s_kill_tree, s_sleep_tree, s_freeze_tree, s_wakeup_tree
loop: ya disponible repeat ... until()
bugs and added:
  - ahora el codigo escrito en el editor hace autoguardado usando localStorage
  - arreglado problema con declaracion de variables locales
  - arreglado problema con la detencion de errores en el compilador
  - solucionado problema con espacios si hay una funcion dentro de otra, ej: new_map( , , , rgb(255, 128, 0) );
  - arreglado problema con separacion de funcion a operador aritmetico, ej: rand(0,360)*1000; //ahora funciona
  - ya disponible el operador logico xor
  - solucionado problema con fade(r, g, b, velocidad); y añadida velocidad a fade_on(velocidad); fade_off(velocidad);
  - ahora compilador.php, carga archivo prg externo local, para futuros ide (actualmente disponible Notepad++ de Erkosone);

news v0.26: (01/06/2013)

  - load_ttf(); load_oft(); load_woff(); //ahora se pueden cargar fuentes
  - load_video(); video(); move_video(); change_video(); pause_video(); continue_video(); stop_video(); is_playing_video();
  - pause_sound(); continue_sound(); change_sound();

bugs and added:
  - ya funciona el bloqueo de scroll
  - arreglado algunos bugs leves
  - nueva variable 'all_video' para la funcion delete_video();
  - añadido nuevos ejemplos para manejo de videos y sonidos, actualizado algunos ejemplos antiguos

news v0.24: (13/04/2013)

  - scroll.ratio, scroll.camera, scroll.fx, m7.fx
  - view_full_size_scale, view_full_aspect_ratio
  - shear_x, shear_y; //variables locales por defecto 0

  - screen_copy(); round();
  - switch() //switch() ... case x: ... default: ... end
bugs and added:
  - solucionado problema con let_me_alone(); cuando habia muchos procesos llamados desde distintos procesos petaba
  - arreglado problema con start_scroll y start_mode7 cuando el grafico es 0 para que no dibuje en un plano, se quedaba colgado
  - scroll.camera = id; ya es funcional
  - solucionado problemas con collision(); usando advance(); y ahora van mas rapidas y optimas las colisiones
  - nueva funcion matematica round(); para redondear un valor decimal, ej: round(7.20); //devolvera 7
  - mejorado funcion char(), ej: char("F"); devuelve 70 y char(70); devuelve F
  - arreglado problema de compatibilidad con dispositivos moviles y navegadores (no siempre arrancaba a la primera)
  - ahora set_mode() tiene dos nuevas variables para el tercer parametro: view_full_size_scale, view_full_aspect_ratio

news v0.22: (01/03/2013)

  - elseif() //if () ... elseif() ... else ... end
bugs and added:
  - vuelve a funcionar get_pixel y map_get_pixel, dejaron de funcionar al añadir las regiones
  - solucionado problema con collision si se añadia directamente dentro de la condicion if(collision(type proceso))
  - corregido problemas con los colores hexadecimales de 6 caracteres, ahora funciona igual (#f00) y (#ff0000)
  - solucionado problema con let_me_alone(), no funcionaba bien si se llamaba fuera de loop end
  - corregido problema en los procesos, se quedaba congelados si no habia loop
  - div go ahora admite elseif() en las condiciones

news v0.21: (14/02/2013)

  - get_browser();
  - smooth; //variable local por defecto: smooth = true;
  - b_width, b_height, b_os_width, b_os_height, b_name, b_os_name, b_language; //para get_browser();

bugs and added:
  - solucionado problema de compatibilidad con IE, Safari y Chrome; al visualizar textos y draw por la inclusion de degradados
  - mejoras en el compilador, nuevamente
  - corregido error en colisiones que probocaba un paron total del juego
  - ahora el proyector se adapta a la pantalla de los dispositivos moviles
  - cambio en las ventanas del entorno, las anteriores eran lentas cargando

news v0.20: (05/02/2013)

  - start_mode7(), stop_mode7();
  - set_title();
  - gradient_text(id, color, x0, y0, x1, y1);
  - gradient_draw(id, color, x0, y0, x1, y1);
  - date(); time();

  - m7[numero] = m7[].horizon, m7[].color, m7[].height, m7[].x0, m7[].y0, m7[].x1, m7[].y1;
  - d_day, d_week, d_month, d_year; //para date();
  - t_seconds, t_minutes, t_hours; //para time();

bugs and added:
  - mejoras en el compilador, con nuevos mensajes de errores
  - compilador mas optimizado
  - mejorada la funcion set_fps(); ahora se puede cambiar la velocidad en cualquier momento
  - ahora se puede guardar los PRGs en local, tambien se guarda en la cache el ultimo codigo ejecutado

news v0.18: (22/12/2012)

  - calculate();
  - shadow_text(id, color, x, y, desenfoque);
  - shadow_draw(id, color, x, y, desenfoque);

bugs and added:
  - solucionado problema con el parseo de textos en variables y funciones, ahora "Hola Mundo" sale con sus mayusculas
  - corregido problema con las comillas simples, ahora se pueden usar como las comillas dobles
  - solucionado descuido tonto con variables pi y ascii, existian pero no estaban accesibles, ahora se pueden usar
  - ya se pueden definir regiones, aparte de la 0, e incluir los procesos en cada una con la variable local region
  - ya se pueden crear mas planos de scroll y añadirlos a distintas regiones del juego
  - ahora se pueden abrir los archivos prg locales para poder probarlos y editarlos

news v0.16: (30/11/2012)

  - new_map(); write_in_map(); itoa();
  - is_playing_sound(archivo);

  - scan_code
  - text_style = (txt_paint_normal, txt_paint_italic, txt_paint_bold, txt_stroke_normal, txt_stroke_italic, txt_stroke_bold)
  - fx = (fx_normal, fx_source_in, fx_source_out, fx_source_atop, fx_dest_over, fx_dest_in, fx_dest_out, fx_dest_atop, fx_lighter, fx_darker, fx_copy, fx_xor)

bugs and added:
  - ahora funciona mantener pegada una variable o funcion despues del cierre de parentesis ej: if(x<5)x=5;end
  - arreglado problema en declarar variables privadas desde una llamada ej: process nombre(variable_privada);
  - mas optimización: ahora mas rapido en general (mas procesos) y las colisiones pixel perfect tambien mas optimas
  - cambio en text_color() ahora es una variable global como text_size y text_style
  - nueva ventana que muestra los procesos que hay activos

news v0.14: (09/11/2012)

  - out_region(id_proceso, region); graphic_info(fichero, grafico, info);
  - get_pixel(x, y); map_get_pixel(fichero, grafico, x, y);
  - stop_scroll();
  - load_png(archivo); load_svg(archivo); load_jpg(archivo); load_gif(archivo); load_bmp(archivo);
  - collision(type o id proceso); collision(type o id proceso, precision); collision_box(type o id proceso);

bugs and added:
  - nuevas variables locales: id, father, son;
  - ahora se pueden declarar tablas, ej: mitabla[9];
  - mejorado frame, aunque todavia no funciona como en div games
  - ya disponible colisiones "pixel perfect", se mantiene tambien las colisiones por caja con collision_box()
  - mejorado el entorno de trabajo: listado de procesos, listado de fpgs al añadir load_fpg en el codigo...

news v0.12: (16/10/2012)

  - get_angle(); get_dist(); get_id();
  - load_sound(); sound(); stop_sound();
  - load_fpg(); //no abre fpgs pero cambia la ruta inicial de graficos y puedes usar varias rutas
  - define_region(); //actualmente solo region 0
  - set_mode(m...x...); set_mode(m...x...x...); set_mode(..., ...); set_mode(..., ..., x...); y set_mode(..., ..., ...); //compatibles

bugs and added:
  - disponibles nuevas variables locales de procesos: alpha, size_x, size_y, resolution
  - load_sound carga wav, pcm, ogg y lo permitido por html5 (cada navegador da soporte a distintos formatos)
  - program funciona como un proceso inicial
  - solucionado problema al declarar variables separada con comas en una misma linea, ej: var1 = 3, var2 = 0;
  - ahora puedes cambiar la resolucion y el color del canvas (pantalla de juego) en cualquier momento con set_mode(); y screen_color()
  - algunos ejemplos actualizados

news v0.10: (28/09/2012)

  - move_text(); move_draw();
  - fget_angle(); fget_dist();
  - char(var); lower(var); strcat(var, var); strchr(var, var); strcmp(var, var); strcpy(var, var);
  - strdel(var, ini, fin); strlen(var); strset(var, var); strstr(var, var); upper(var);

bucle: ya disponible from ... to ... (step) ... end
bugs and added:
  - arreglado bug en collision cuando habian muchos procesos iguales que colisionaban
  - ahora collision devuelve la id del proceso con el que colisiona

news v0.09: (21/09/2012)

  - get_distx();
  - get_disty();
  - advance();
  - xadvance();
  - collision();

bugs and added:
  - ahora es compatible con IE9
  - compatible con touch para dispositivos tactiles iOS, Android, etc...
  - break arreglado, ahora elimina bucles for, while y loop dentro de procesos
  - angle funciona como en Div
  - funciones matematicas revisadas y arregladas: sin(), cos(), asin(), acos(), tan(),...
  - ya se pueden cargar 999 graficos renombrados con 001.png a 999.png

news v0.08: (14/09/2012)

loops: ya disponibles for()... end y while()... end
variables: ya se pueden declarar variables locales, all_text, all_drawing
  - clear_screen();
  - delete_draw(identificador);
  - delete_text(identificador);
  - abs(var); acos(var); asin(var); atan(var); atan2(var, var); cos(var);
  - pow(var); sin(var); sqrt(var); tan(var);

bugs and added:
  - ya se puede identificar procesos, textos, primitivas
  - ahora las funciones graficas y de texto funcionan como en Div
  - mejorado todo el tema de compilacion, mas optimo
  - signal(type ..., ...); signal(id, ...); ya funciona correctamente
  - señales disponibles actualmente: s_kill, s_sleep, s_freeze, s_wakeup

news v0.07: (06/09/2012)

process: ya disponibles, no se puede hacer bucles distintos a loop actualmente
variables: graph, x, y, z, size, alpha, flags, angle; declaración de private en procesos
  - let_me_alone();
  - signal(type proceso, señal); //actualmente solo funciona la señal: s_kill el resto ni caso

bugs and added:
  - start_scroll mas optimizado
  - ya se pueden hacer condiciones dentro de condiciones (if dentro de if dentro de if etc...)
  - solucionado problema al declarar variables privadas con el mismo nombre en distintos procesos

news v0.06: (15/05/2012)

variables: fading, mouse.left, scroll.x0, scroll.y0, scroll.x1, scroll.y1, scroll.alpha0, scroll.alpha1;
logical operators: ya funciona (and (&&), or (||), not (!))
bucles: ya disponibles for(); while();
  - fade(r, g, b, velocidad); fade_on(); fade_off();
  - start_scroll(numero, file, graph1, graph2, region, bloqueo);

bugs and added:
  - solucionado error al comprobar variables no declaradas dentro de funciones
  - optimizado codigo de dibujado en canvas (mayor velocidad a la hora de generar el canvas)
  - ya se compila correctamente procesos y llamadas a procesos (no se dibuja aun en canvas)

news v0.04: (21/02/2012)

variables: teclado: _up, _down, _left, _right, _alt, _enter, _space, _ctrl, _esc, _q, _w, _e, _r, _t, ...
conditions: ya disponible 'else'
  - rgb(r, g, b); rand();
  - xput(); put_screen(); put(); key();

bugs and added:
  - solucionado problemas con if ... else ... end, ahora ya tiene esto condiciones
  - añadido listado con 6 graficos como si fuera un fpg para realizar pruebas
  - arreglado muchisimos bugs, ahora esto empieza a parecer un lenguaje de programacion

news v0.02: (14/02/2012)

variables: text_color, text_size;
conditions: ya disponibles de forma sencilla y solo funcional dentro de loop y frame;
  - set_mode(); set_fps(); screen_color();
  - put_pixel(); draw(); write(); write_int();

bugs and added:
  - ahora funciona la declaracion de variables globales
  - arreglado problema con los comentarios entre codigo con /* */
  - el compilador detecta si una variable ha sido declarada y es usada en las funciones
  - creado un bucle principal con frame, sin esto no hay movimiento y queda como una imagen estatica