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Documentation: Variables list of Div GO : Div Games Online v2.02.0

original variables new variables

original variables (Div / Div 2):

scan_code, shift_status, ascii, draw_z, fading, text_z, timer[], fps, restore_type

[STRUCT] mousesee example
x, y, graph, file, z, angle, size, flags, alpha, region, left, middle, right, is_active
[STRUCT] joy
left, right, up, down, button1, button2, button3, button4
[STRUCT] scroll
z, camera, ratio
color, horizon, height
pi, max_int, min_int, c_screen, c_scroll, c_m7, c_0, c_1, c_2, c_3, c_4, c_5, c_6, c_7, c_8, c_9
s_kill, s_wakeup, s_sleep, s_freeze, s_kill_tree, s_sleep_tree, s_freeze_tree, s_wakeup_tree
all_drawing, all_sound, all_text
g_wide, g_height, g_x_center, g_y_center
no_restore, partial_restore, complete_restore
m320x200, m320x240, m320x400, m360x240, m360x360, m376x282, m400x300, m640x400, m640x480
m800x600, m960x640, m1024x768, m1280x720, m1280x960, m1600x900, m1280x1024, m1920x1080
CONSTANT (keyboard codes for the key function)see example
_left, _right, _up, _down, _control, _space, _enter, _alt, _esc
_backspace, _tab, _shift, _prn_scr, _comma, _point, _slash, _wave
_1, _2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8, _9, _0
_q, _w, _e, _r, _t, _y, _u, _i, _o, _p, _a, _s, _d, _f, _g, _h, _j, _k, _l, _z, _x, _c, _v, _b, _n, _m
_semicolon, _c_minus, _c_plus, _c_asterisk, _c_backslash, _caps_lock, _num_lock, _scroll_lock
_c_home, _c_up, _c_pgup, _c_left, _c_center, _c_right, _c_end, _c_down, _c_pgdn, _c_ins, _c_del
_ins, _home, _pgup, _pgdn, _del, _end, _minus, _plus, _l_brachet, _r_brachet
_f1, _f2, _f3, _f4, _f5, _f6, _f7, _f8, _f9, _f10, _f11, _f12
angle, father, file, flags, graph, xgraph, region, resolution, size, son, x, y, z, ctype, cnumber, priority

[STRUCT] reserved
process_id, id_scan, process_type, type_scan, status, param_offset, program_index, is_executed, is_painted

new variables (Div GO):

loading_data, scan_caps_lock, scan_num_lock, scan_scroll_lock
text_color, text_size, text_style, stroke_size, stroke_round
num_process, num_text, num_drawing, num_xdrawing, num_video, num_sound, num_object3d, num_light3d, num_link, num_input

[STRUCT] scrollsee example
[STRUCT] front
x, y, alpha, blur, grayscale, invert, sepia, tone, saturate, brightness
[STRUCT] half
x, y, alpha, blur, grayscale, invert, sepia, tone, saturate, brightness
[STRUCT] back
x, y, alpha, blur, grayscale, invert, sepia, tone, saturate, brightness
[STRUCT] pad
left, right, up, down, button0, button1, button2, button3, ..., button8, button9

[STRUCT] stick1
left, right, up, down, button
[STRUCT] stick2
left, right, up, down, button
[STRUCT] touchsee example
is_active, x, y, timer
[STRUCT] tiltsee example
alpha, beta, gamma, absolute
[STRUCT] scene3d
camera, alpha, terrain, light, visible, focus, distance
fx_normal, fx_source_in, fx_source_out, fx_source_atop, fx_dest_over, fx_dest_in, fx_dest_out, fx_dest_atop, fx_lighter, fx_darker, fx_copy, fx_xor
txt_paint_normal, txt_paint_italic, txt_paint_bold, txt_stroke_normal, txt_stroke_italic, txt_stroke_bold
t_milliseconds, t_seconds, t_minutes, t_hours, d_day, d_week, d_month, d_year
b_left, b_top, b_width, b_height, b_os_width, b_os_height, b_screen_width, b_screen_height
b_name, b_os_name, b_language, b_pixel_ratio, b_joy_connect, b_pad_connect, b_name_joy, b_name_pad
b_battery_charge, b_battery_level, b_battery_time, b_geo_latitude, b_geo_longitude, b_online
view_full_size_scale, view_full_aspect_ratio, view_full_amplitude
all_video, all_xdrawing, all_process, all_object3d, all_light3d, all_links, all_inputs
cc_red, cc_green, cc_blue, cc_yellow, cc_cyan, cc_magenta, cc_orange, cc_lime, cc_violet
cc_brown, cc_pink, cc_purple, cc_aqua, cc_pistache, cc_turquoise, cc_maroon, cc_silver
cc_gray, cc_white, cc_black
rgb_to_bgr, rgb_to_grb, rgb_to_rbg, rgb_to_brg, rgb_to_gbr, rgb_to_invert, rgb_to_grayscale, rgb_to_bw
rgb_to_8c, rgb_to_16c, rgb_to_32c, rgb_to_128c, rgb_to_256c, rgb_to_gboy
math_pi, math_e, math_max, math_min
LOCALsee example
size_x, size_y, shear_x, shear_y, alpha, fx, smooth, angle_x, angle_y, angle_z
blur, grayscale, sepia, saturate, invert, tone, brightness, line_size, line_color, line_blur
graph, x, y, size, angle, text, text_position, text_x, text_y, text_size, text_color, speed
percent, percent_x, percent_y, percent_size, percent_color, progress, progress_x, progress_y, progress_size, progress_color